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How to use

- Fondazione Valsè Pantellini

In this section you will find some answers to the most commonly asked questions on how to use potassium ascorbate, with or without ribose. For further detailed information, please go to the section ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

Potassium ascorbate, a salt derived from vitamin C, is completely non-toxic and free from side effects. Even children can use it, especially for the sake of prevention. A 5,5-year old child, for example, could take one dose per week (300 mg of potassium bicarbonate and 150 mg of ascorbic acid).

During pregnancy we also generally recommend taking one dose per week of ‘simple’ potassium ascorbate (i.e. without ribose).

Potassium ascorbate is never toxic nor dangerous when you adhere to the recommended dosage. Potassium comes in single doses of 117 mg (a little bit more than 30% of bicarbonate, in weight) and thus corresponds with a physiological quantity. When adequately taken, there are no prerequisites nor risks to renal overload (overloading the kidneys) or heart problems. The European Scientific Commission has determined that the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for potassium in order to integrate the daily-lost amount in the body equals 3 grams. As you can see, this RDA quantity is far more than the quantity that each single dose of potassium ascorbate represents (which is slightly more than 5% of that RDA).

When using potassium ascorbate, you do not have to avoid specific types of nutrients. You can eat normally.

Potassium ascorbate, both the ‘classic’ formula and the enriched formula with ribose, should NOT be taken during possible chemotherapy treatment.
During radiotherapy, intake methods have to be defined together with either the doctors at the Foundation or another accredited doctor.